New Blog, New Goals, New Look On Life

(photo credit: Briar Burkhead)
(photo credit: Briar Burkhead)



This new blog comes with high hopes and far too many expectations to be considered realistic. Blogging is something I have always considered doing, but just seemed to be a little out of my reach. I did not think I was the type of person who would be able to gain an audience. However, my outlook on life has changed considerably.

I not only love fashion and writing, but I also want to turn it into a career. There is no better way for me to do this than to dedicate myself to it whole heartedly. Before, I had a blog called “Pure Vanilla” that I did not keep up with because I was easily discouraged. I compared myself to the blogs I follow and was quickly put down when I did not gain an immediate following. Success does not come the moment you put yourself out there. It comes through hard work and dedication. I plan to stick to this through the ups and downs.

These are a few pictures I had put up on my previous blog and I decided to showcase them on this one as well. The main point: I’m completely obsessed with this floral dress. I snagged the dress and the shoes at Plato’s Closet for, ohh, let’s just say no more than $20 probably. The colors are so vibrant and different from anything else that I own. If you have never checked out Plato’s then I have no idea what you are even doing with your life. If you are a college student like I am and do not have the means to buy clothes as much as you would prefer, then this store is a god send. Plato’s Closet sells name brand clothes at a discounted price that people have sold back to the store.





If you are like me, then you love to thrift. I actually went to a ton of yard sales and to Goodwill with my mom and discovered all kinds of items that I’ll be showing to you soon. What are your favorite places to thrift at?


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