Geometric Shapes

One of my obsessions is geometric shapes and I love when I get the opportunity to incorporate them into my wardrobe.


I hope that you will excuse my messy yard, but I had to document this look. I did not have much time to get the kind of shots I wanted since I had just gotten done with classes and was heading to work soon. I knew I would be more upset with myself if I decided not to.

I fully believe that this top was made to go with this mini skirt. As you will most likely discover throughout more posts I do in the future, the majority of my favorite clothing items have come from Plato’s Closet, as did the skirt and top. I love how the geometric print and colors perfectly compliment the skirt. I decided to stick with the triangle and shapes theme by pairing it with this necklace I received as a birthday present (or Christmas present?) last year.

IMG_2161 copy

IMG_2165 copy

Next time I promise to not to shoot with such a weird background, but I hope you enjoyed it either way. Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope that you will continue to stick around. Tomorrow I will be joining the campus newspaper where I am hoping to do some street style photography of students. If I write any interesting stories, I will be sure to link them to you guys.

What are your feelings are geometric shapes and how do you guys like to incorporate them into your wardrobe?



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