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Every new year, I struggle to come up with a resolution that I’ll likely ditch within a month or two. Usually it’s something like “eat clean” or “do more cardio.” This year is different, because I decided to focus on something I actually care about: my passion for sharing my thoughts on fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

All photo credit: Briar Burkhead


Lately, I haven’t been super active on my blog thanks to end of the semester finals and visiting my family for the holidays. But I have big plans and I’m excited to get started on them! Not only do I want to add different content on my blog and post more frequently, but I’m also going to be starting my YouTube channel in the next few months (a few more pieces of equipment I have to get first.)

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for about two years and I’m finally going to tackle it. Keep a look out, because as soon as my first video is up I’ll post it here.

But that’s not even the biggest piece of news. This semester, I’m starting my internship as a Style Guru at CollegeFashionista! My first article went up today which is my Style Guru Bio. There, you can learn more about me and this seriously comfy outfit that I’m wearing. Please check it out and click the heart under my name to give it a RAD<3. I’d also really appreciate those who make an account and follow me there.




As a Style Guru, I’ll be sharing articles not only detailing my own style, but also the amazing fashion I encounter on my own campus at Middle Tennessee State University.

What’s your new year resolution? Let me know in the comments!

Shop the look:

  1. American Eagle Dress
  2. Cream Cardigan
  3. Vangoddy Bag






13 thoughts on “Style Guru Bio at CollegeFashionista

    1. This really cool shop called Enchanted Planet that’s on the square where I live. They sell all kinds of unique clothing, tapestries, pipes and very “hippie” like items. You should check them out if you’re ever in Tennessee! 🙂

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